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The PCWA Process

Client Personal Discovery

Our first “meeting” is more of a conversation than anything else. We want to get to know you, understand what and who is important in your life and how you feel about your finances as well as your planning. It is a time of mutual discovery where we can both determine if working together will be a good fit. We want to be in a position to make an impact for our clients and provide financial confidence.

Data Gathering

Once we have both determined that a beneficial relationship will result in our working together, we will work with you to assemble actual financial statements, documents and data. We will provide you with a list of the documents and information we will need in order to provide an investment recommendation or complete your financial plan. This could include: insurance policies, investment statements, estate planning documents, living expenses, tax returns, etc. The information helps us understand where you are today, what you may need to address immediately and to assist in determining the portfolio allocations appropriate for you for each goal you have.

Creation of the Investment recommendation or financial plan

We will formulate a clients’ investment recommendation and or financial plan based on the information you provide along with our information uncovered in conversation. The length of the plan and the depth of the analysis will be predicated upon the intricacy of the financial questions we uncover, your needs and the agreed upon direction of our relationship.


Upon completion of our analysis, coupled with the results of their discovery profiles, we are now capable of making sound recommendations. We will provide detailed advice for your investments and guidance around estate, and retirement planning, tax and education planning.*

* Private Client Wealth Advisors does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.


The most critical phase in properly organizing our clients’ financial lives is implementation. This is where the business of life can catch up to us and the point at which most “do-it-yourselfers” can stumble. We are aware of this and will devote as much time as is necessary to ensure all agreed upon recommendations are implemented. We will coordinate implementation with all of your professionals and readily meet with your accountant, attorney, insurance agents, and any other professionals per your request. Our objective is to ensure that we can begin to impact your life and put the pieces together on your behalf.

Ongoing Review

We meet with our clients on a regular basis to review portfolios, revisit financial plans and investment goals. Delaying implementation of your plan or plan updates can lead to devastating financial results. Of course, we are always available to address any ad hoc events, we also believe timely review meetings with clients are essential to your financial well-being. At least annually we will review all of your goals and objectives to help ensure that they are staying on track to achieve them.