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Stress and Money

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Managing personal finances is stressful. With so many considerations, either immediate or in the future, it can feel overwhelming and cause unwarranted stress. Let’s address some of the basic causes of financial stress and how to best approach it. Money and health: two of the most common causes of stress. By exercising, eating well, and understanding our bodies we can, for the most part, live healthy lives. By eating poorly, not [...]

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Investment Return

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Stock picking and market timing is generally a fool’s game --- the market is out of our control. What we can control is how we manage our investments. By focusing on the planning process, tax liability, expenses, and our behavior we are setting ourselves up for success and a positive investing experience. If I could tell you what the next hot stock, sector, or country is going to be I would [...]

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