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Why Spending Makes Us Feel Good

By Barry Steelman, AIF® We usually think of Christmas as the time of year when we get spendy. However, there are plenty of other times in the year when we spend on non-essentials. Halloween is one such time. Candy and costumes may not seem expensive, but U.S. consumers spend an average of $86.13 each for Halloween, with shoppers spending a total of $3.4 billion on costumes alone this year. Halloween reminds me of why spending [...]

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What We Are Thankful For This Year

By Barry Steelman, AIF® As we get older time seems to go by a little faster, and 2017 has been no exception. I’m amazed that we’re almost at the end of this very memorable year. As we approach Thanksgiving, I like to think about the things I’m most grateful and thankful for. This year, I’ve focused on six things I’m most thankful for, and I wanted to share them with you. 1. My Sons’ Health [...]

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