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What Are Your Financial “Ducks” and Why Should They Be in a Row?

When you get dressed, do you put your jacket on first and your shirt on next? Do you put your shoes on before your socks? If you don’t get dressed in the right order, you would look pretty ridiculous. This is a silly analogy, but the message is the same for your finances as it is for your wardrobe: there are certain steps that need to be followed so that things don’t end up in [...]

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Three Unexpected Reasons Your Retirement Plan Could Fail

Your future retirement may be exciting to imagine, but when it comes to planning for it, most people feel uncertain and concerned. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2017 Retirement Confidence survey, 82% of American workers do not feel very confident that they have enough money for a comfortable retirement. Along with a lack of confidence, 30% say that preparing for retirement causes them to feel mentally or emotionally stressed. And even among the [...]

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Stress and Money

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Managing personal finances is stressful. With so many considerations, either immediate or in the future, it can feel overwhelming and cause unwarranted stress. Let’s address some of the basic causes of financial stress and how to best approach it. Money and health: two of the most common causes of stress. By exercising, eating well, and understanding our bodies we can, for the most part, live healthy lives. By eating poorly, not [...]

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When to Consider a Professional Advisor

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Knowing when to seek professional help is not always clear. If we break our leg, it is pretty obvious we should see a doctor immediately. However, knowing when to engage with a competent and professional advisor can be a little vague --- At its core it is all about transitions. When we make transitions we are typically faced with major financial decisions. Some decisions appear straight forward --- larger mortgage payments decease [...]

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Income: Your Greatest Financial Asset

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® The ability to generate income is typically a young professional’s greatest financial asset. To keep life afloat today and build for the future requires regular incoming cash flow. To break this down there are two primary themes to consider --- what you can, and cannot control. What is your greatest financial asset? To many it stumps --- from homeowners I often hear, “my home”. However, this is not true in many [...]

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Financial Bites for Baby Sharks: Students Loans [Part Two]

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Consolidation, income-driven repayment and private refinancing are three commonly confused topics in the student loan world. All can help customize repayment, however, all are very different. In repayment it is worthwhile to understand the options and see how each strategy can be applied to your personal situation. Typically, a standard federal student loan is issued as a 10-year term paid in equal monthly payments… all very cookie cutter. But we are [...]

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