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What Are Your Financial “Ducks” and Why Should They Be in a Row?

When you get dressed, do you put your jacket on first and your shirt on next? Do you put your shoes on before your socks? If you don’t get dressed in the right order, you would look pretty ridiculous. This is a silly analogy, but the message is the same for your finances as it is for your wardrobe: there are certain steps that need to be followed so that things don’t end up in [...]

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For the Love of Money: Couples and Finances

By Barry Steelman, AIF® If you do a simple search on the topic of relationships and finances, you’ll come across countless sobering statistics. For example, you’ll find that money is the primary reason for arguments between couples, with many couples averaging three arguments per month revolving around financial issues. You’ll also learn that 3 in 10 married adults admit to potentially deceitful behavior about money and that disagreements about finances are the most common predictors [...]

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

As a family man, I understand the importance of making memories with your loved ones. Why else do we work so hard for what we earn? I started my wealth advisory firm to help my clients better their futures through sound financial planning, and sometimes there’s nothing better than a vacation. Travel is an important goal for me and my family, so we prioritize vacations when deciding how to manage our finances. The best vacations [...]

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