What We Do and How We Can Help

//What We Do and How We Can Help

What We Do and How We Can Help

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You have a unique life, unique circumstances, and unique goals. Don’t you deserve a unique financial strategy to go with it? While many people may assume this, it is far too often for advisors and firms to sell proprietary products or have a sales quota to meet.

I’ve always known that this wasn’t the kind of role I wanted to play, which is why I am proud to lead Private Client Wealth Advisors, an independent wealth management firm serving as a fiduciary. I formed this firm to avoid proprietary products and instead focus on tailored strategies individually designed for every person. Today, this remains the foundation of our purpose and drives us in all that we do.

Who We Are

We like our clients to think of us as their family’s executive team, sitting side-by-side with them as you navigate your financial journey, plan to attain your goals, preserve your future and lean on our firm as your resource to allow for the best long term financial decisions for your family.

We believe nothing is more important in terms of running your financial household than establishing a long term relationship with a trusted advisor. By acting as your fiduciary, we put your needs at the forefront of all decisions related to being your investment advisor, financial planner, and personal CFO.

Who We Serve

Because we collaborate and work so closely with our clients, establishing the right fit is key, which is why we focus on serving those we believe we can best help. We enjoy working with clients who seek a two-way relationship where we really get to know each other. By understanding their goals, fears, and inspirations, we can help them invest and understand how and why they invest.

As we tend to have deep relationships with our clients, many of the people we work with value the benefits an advisor can offer. They reach out to us when they’re contemplating a financial decision and rely on us as a sounding board and personal chief investment officer. Our goal is to add value in any way we can that goes beyond helping them grow their net worth.

What We Offer

Beyond providing the comprehensive array of wealth management services, we seek to offer our clients a single point of contact to help them with any financially-based decision in their life. We have our clients’ backs, and we can help them protect their financial lives and work toward their investment goals. By knowing we are there to go to bat for them, our clients can focus on living their life and enjoying their passions.

Why Clients Choose Us

We believe many clients work with us for a few important reasons. For one, we work as fiduciaries and genuinely care about our clients. As their fiduciary, we put their interests first and always disclose in advance any conflict of interest. There is no other way to work with clients. Because we provide such a high level of fiduciary care and service, we only serve a limited number of families. For us, it’s not about the number of relationships, but the quality.

Second, we’re experienced but we’re also constantly striving for improvement. There are too many advisors out there who pretend or think they have this industry figured out. The business is constantly changing and it’s important to adjust with it. We want to continue to be open-minded to new information or a new way to serve clients so that we can constantly provide more valuable services or resources to our clients. As a “student of the business,” I have a constant desire to learn about new practice resources and to build new relationships. As a fiduciary for those that I work for, I am constantly confirming and adding to the resources that I utilize for the benefit of my clients and practice.

Third, we have built many strong strategic partnerships so that we can bring resources to our clients outside of our own expertise or that can not be realized easily. For example, we utilize Dimensional Funds, which is a fund family that provides limited access to their institutional class mutual funds. Other resources include strategic relationships with an asset protection attorney, an independent Trust company, insurance specialists and Private Bankers. We feel this philosophy and these additional resources serves our clients well.

Taking Action

Are you looking for a financial partner you can trust to objectively guide you toward your goals and help you navigate your financial milestones? Learn more about our fiduciary promise, our services, and how we can serve as your family’s CFO. Contact us by phone at 303-945-2222 or email us at barry@pc-wa.com.

About Barry

Barry Steelman, AIF® is the Founder, Principal, Managing Partner, and Client Advocate at Private Client Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm based in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in working with individuals, families and businesses and conducting financial planning, portfolio management and retirement plan services. Along with more than two decades of experience, he is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, which signifies knowledge of fiduciary responsibility and the ability to implement policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of care. Learn more about Barry by visiting www.privateclientwealthadvisors.com or connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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